Catania, Sicily’s second-largest city, boasts a Baroque architecture built from lava following devastating natural disasters in the 17th century. Founded by Greeks, this “grey” city has a deep history reflected in attractions like Piazza Duomo, the fish market, and Castello Ursino. Its landscape is dominated by Mt. Etna, influencing local gastronomy spotlighted in the myriad of bars and restaurants offering delights such as arancino and granita.

Colors of Taormina

Etna & Taormina Tour

The Etna & Taormina Tour offers a blend of natural wonders and cultural history, featuring the dramatic landscapes of Mount Etna and the ancient charm of Taormina. Participants will explore volcanic craters, enjoy spectacular views, and experience Sicilian cuisine and history. Priced at €120 per person, this 7-hour tour includes a guide, transportation, and necessary equipment, ensuring a comprehensive and memorable Sicilian adventure.

Etna 3000 Tour

Our exclusive Etna tour at 3000 meters caters to adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, offering an unparalleled experience on both the south and north sides of the volcano, depending on the day and conditions. TOUR ITINERARY Our tour is carefully designed to showcase the best of Mount Etna’s dynamic Leggi tutto…

View of Etna and Silvestri Craters

Etna & Alcantara Tour

TOUR ITINERARY The Etna & Alcantara Tour combines some of the most suggestive places of the volcano and in the same day, a full day, the famous Alcantara Gorges. We will admire its old, extinct craters at an altitude of 2000 meters and amazing views of the Ionian Coast, from Leggi tutto…

Smoke rings of Mt. Etna

Etna Hiking 2500 Tour

TOUR ITINERARY During the day tour we will visit Mt. Etna from its southern side and we will take the cable car, Funivia dell’Etna, to reach 2500 meters and then start the tour hiking along the trail to the viewpoint. From here, you can admire the breathtaking landscape of the Leggi tutto…

Wine bar on Mt. Etna

Etna Wine Tour

Etna Wine Tour combines two aspects of this part of Sicily: the charm of the volcanic land and its fruits expertly cultivated by local populations. No Mount Etna visit is complete without tasting the local wine that grows from the rich volcanic ash. TOUR ITINERARY This experience includes the Morning Leggi tutto…

View of sunset from Mt.Etna

Etna Sunset

This tour is one of the most beautiful excursions, a very personal experience around “Idda“, the most popular and active volcano of Sicily. TOUR ITINERARY The Etna Sunset Tour features a step-by-step itinerary. Our exclusive Sunset Tour on Etna offers a unique opportunity to experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of the sun Leggi tutto…