View of Etna and Silvestri Craters

Etna & Catania Tour

Embark on an exclusive full-day tour to explore Sicily’s natural wonder, Mt. Etna, and the UNESCO-listed baroque city of Catania. The experience includes a morning adventure traversing Etna’s geological marvels and an afternoon immersed in Catania’s history, culture, and street food. Priced at €120, the 7-hour itinerary offers a naturalistic guide, transport, and emergency insurance.

View of Etna and Silvestri Craters

Etna e Catania

Esplora il vulcano attivo dell’Etna e scopri la cultura e il cibo di Catania in un tour di un giorno. Visita la Valle del Bove, gusta street food e ammira monumenti barocchi UNESCO. Per 120€ a persona, immergiti nella bellezza naturale e storica siciliana con guide esperte, attraverso paesaggi lunari e città vibranti.

Sicilian wine

One of the important wine regions in Sicily is the Etna DOC. It runs across the northern, eastern and south sides of the volcano. The volcano itself is about 24 miles wide, and almost 11,000 feet high, with intense fertility but the fertility differs from one winery to the next, Leggi tutto…

Sicilian Products

Pistachio Sicily is home to the world’s most-prized variety of the seed, centred on the town of Bronte, on the slopes of Mt. Etna. Bronte’s pistachio is the most expensive, is called “Sicily’s green gold”, one kilogram of the seeds, unshelled, typically costs 40 euros. This is more than double Leggi tutto…

Sicilian food

From cannolo to arancino, Sicilian food is world-famous and every single part of this island is full of different foods. Sicily is one of the Italian regions with the richest variety of recipes. One of the most important aspects of Sicilian cuisine is the quality of the ingredients used cause they are fresh, often Leggi tutto…



If you are a food lover, you are in the perfect place, Sicily or in particular Catania is plenty of good foods and if you want to try the “sicilian king Arancino” you can find it everywhere, all bars sell it but the most famous is “Pasticceria Savia”, in main Leggi tutto…

Pasta alla norma

This very popular pasta dish hails from eastern Sicily. Compositor Vincenzo Bellini (1801–1835) is one of Catania’s most famous sons and many places in the city are named for him. His most famous opera is Norma from which the instantly recognizable Casta Diva comes, and which achieved instant success in Milan. The pasta, invented in Leggi tutto…


Food in Catania

A small list of food places in Catania we have a good feedback about Bar/Pasticcerie: Restaurants SEA FOOD VEGETERIAN ALL Pizzerie Pub and Lounge bar Snacks Others restaurants Michelin star Fine Food Shop Grocery store Gluten Free Catania Essential Informations