Noto – Marzamemi

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World Heritage site since 2002 for the Sicilian baroque-style, Noto has become a favorite and much appreciated destination in Sicily, located about 30 km south-west from Syracuse, in Asinaro valley, plenty of lemon trees, olive and almond trees. The city with the nearby Ragusa, Modica, Scicli have the typical honey-colored stone, a unique charm.

Probably you don’t know it, but we have 2 Noto, the new one and the medieval town Noto Antica, was virtually razed by the 1693 Sicilian earthquake. This circumstance has led this town, the new one, to have a unique architectural. Noto Antica achieved a certain level of importance during the Arab period when it became the administrative center of the Noto Valley, one of the three provinces that the Arab governors subdivided Sicily into.

In 2007, after seven years of restoration Noto’s Cathedral has returned to its former glory. Damaged by the earthquake of 1990, it suffered severe collapse in 1996. The most famous event is in May, “Infiorata” , the third weekend in May, when in via Nicolaci are exhibited the works of floral artists, the most beautiful and colorful event in Italy.

A small list of food places.

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Marzamemi: is a fishing village close to the city of Pachino and is famous for the old “tonnara” (tuna factory) it was a Regia tonnara erected under Spanish rule that in 1642. The main attractions of this village are the tasty fish recipes served by nice restaurants in a charming Sicilian atmosphere, the amazing sight of the sea, the narrow alleys and buildings.