Lava Tube

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Moun Etna is rich in volcanic tunnels, over 200 known ones.

The lava tube, one of the most fascinating geological structures, can be found on Mount Etna, naturally develop during volcanic eruptions. For geologists, nature enthusiasts, and explorers who want to experience the majesty and magnificence of nature firsthand, the Etna lava tube is a must-visit location.

Underneath the volcano’s surface, a passage known as the lava tube of Etna can be found. It was created during a volcanic eruption when molten hot lava poured through earth fissures and solidified on the surface while still flowing beneath it. A tunnel was created as the magma flowed less.

A lava tube, or tunnel is a natural conduit formed by flowing lava from a volcanic vent that moves beneath the hardened surface of a lava flow. If lava in the tube empties, it will leave a cave.

Lava usually leaves the point of eruption in channels. These channels tend to stay very hot as their surroundings cool. This means they slowly develop walls around them as the surrounding lava cools forming an insulating tube. As a result, this keeps the lava molten and serves as a conduit for the flowing lava.

Exploring the lava tube of Etna is an unforgettable experience. Visitors can take guided tours to explore the tunnel’s various chambers and learn about its geological history and significance, with necessary equipment, such as helmets, flashlights, to ensure their safety and comfort.

The lava tube of Etna is a unique geological formation that offers visitors a glimpse into the power and beauty of nature. It is a must-visit destination for geologists, nature lovers, and adventurers who want to explore the underground world of the volcano.

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